What is an energy star?

What is an energy star?

You’ve seen the commercials for Energy Star and its symbol on the corners of your friends’ and families’ appliances and electronics. But you still may
not be quite sure what Energy Star is, or how it could help the environment and the global warming situation.

The following information can help you understand the importance of being an Energy Star consumer.

The Energy Star label is an easy way for consumers to recognize appliances and electronics that require less electricity to operate, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions that come from fossil fuel-burning electrical power plants.

The Energy Star program was started through the joint efforts of the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy to help consumers save money while
reducing GHG emissions. The EPA has now placed the label on everything from
light bulbs to refrigerators, microwaves, and entire houses built according to environmentally sound guidelines.

By being an Energy Star consumer, you help to reduce the effects of global warming every time you do something as simple as turning on your Energy Star television set, instead of the rabbit-eared model you inherited.

Since its inception in 1992, as a means of saving energy used by computer monitors, Energy Star has expanded to help business owners have more energy efficient offices and home owners have more energy-efficient homes. To date, Energy Star has reduced emissions levels to the equivalent of taking several
million cars off the road each year.

To qualify for an Energy Star seal of approval, a product must meet strict requirements for energy efficiency. Each
product must also pass Energy Star’s testing every year to be labeled Energy Star worthy. Even if a laptop passed one year, it may not qualify the next, depending on the energy-saving requirements for that particular product.

When you visit the Energy Star website, you will find more than 50 categories of energy-saving products, including small appliances like battery chargers and water coolers and large appliances like dishwashers, washers, dryers, and refrigerators, just to name a few.

Energy Star is also present in the workplace in the form of computers, copiers, fax machines, printers, scanners, and other electronic office devices. Energy Star products are not limited to personal
consumer use, but include large commercial products as well. Energy Star also
sets standards for building materials, including roofing products, insulation, windows, doors, and skylights.

An Energy Star home means it has been built with high standards for reduced non-renewable energy use. As an added incentive to consumers, many Energy Star partners across the nation offer rebates and special offers. At certain times, utilities and manufacturers offer up to a $1,000 discount on Energy Star products.

Type in your zip code and appliance on the website to find out whether or not you
qualify for a rebate or special offer. The IRS also offers tax credits for more expensive Energy Star products, thereby helping to reduce your cost, by reducing your income tax.

Remember, by being an Energy Star consumer, you will help to save the planet from global warming by reducing greenhouse gases and reduce money spent on your energy bills as well!

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