Organic homemade fertilizer for plants

Organic homemade fertilizer for plants

Complete Organic Fertilizer Recipe

To make a completely natural fertilizer suitable for generously covering an area of ​​100, square feet, you can choose from the following:

3 quarts oilseed meal

1/2 quarts feather meal

Best is probably: 2 quarts oilseed meal, 1 pint Feather Meal and 1 pint Fish Meal plus Mixture of:

1-quart Soft

1-quart Algae Meal and/or

1-pint Azomite Apply Liquid Algae every 2 weeks as a foliar season.

For Lime you can choose one of two options: If your farm used to be a forest, add pint Agricultural Limestone, 100 (Fine Grind) and pint Agricultural Gypsum; OR If your garden used to be a prairie or desert, add 1 liter of Agricultural Gypsum (2 grams of true boron)

1/2 teaspoon of zinc sulfate

2 teaspoons of the manganese sulfate

1 teaspoon of the copper sulfate

When all the ingredients are in the bucket, mix them very well before handing them out. You can use one of two mixing methods: slowly pour materials from the bucket to bucket and back again. Repeat this step about six times; OR
stir the contents by hand. The first method works the best, but can stir up a bit of dust and is best done outdoors.

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