Have Your Groceries Delivered

Have Your Groceries Delivered

Now you know that the biggest contributor to global warming is carbon dioxide, which comes largely from vehicle emissions. Consolidating the number of cars and trucks on the road will help stop global warming and radically reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. A particularly simple way to reduce the number of vehicles on the highway is to save yourself a trip and have your groceries delivered to you or shop locally in a place closest to your home.

The delivery vehicle will make multiple stops in your neighborhood, reducing the number of
kilometers traveled in total and cleared the roads of sunken and charred cars. Most major supermarket chains, including Vons and Safeway, now offer free or discounted delivery for larger orders.

They also stock many organic foods produced without the use of petrochemical pesticides that contribute to global warming. So you can buy healthy food, save time and reduce air pollution at the same time.

For organic goods delivered fresh to your door, check out Misfits market, Farm fresh to you, Farmbox direct, and Diamond Organics. They offer a wide range of organic and sustainably produced fresh produce via FedEx from their Northern California headquarters.

For added convenience, the company allows customers to create a custom standing order. Across North America, grocery stores are jumping on the home delivery bandwagon. Here are a few to try:

In California, try Organic Express.
In the Chicago area, take a look at peapod.com.In the New York area, see freshdirect.com. In North Charleston, SC, Healthy Home Foods offers fresh produce delivery options. In Orlando, Florida, check out Orlando Organics.
In the San Francisco Bay area, look into Westside Organics.In Seattle, check out Pioneer Organics.
In Toronto, Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond, Canada, look at Green
Earth Organics.
In Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, check out Small Potatoes
Urban Delivery (SPUD).

Having your groceries delivered is a convenient way to save excess emissions
from multiple cars while giving you more time for yourself, your family and
friends, and the carbon-neutral activities you enjoy!

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