Why are natural cosmetics better for you?

Why are natural cosmetics better for you?

Many people don’t know that their favorite cosmetics and personal care products are made with petrochemicals (chemicals derived from petroleum).

The cosmetic industry’s use of these chemicals increases global carbon emissions and speeds up climate change. You can make a difference in our climate and in your own personal health simply by purchasing petroleum-free cosmetics.

As they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration or other rgovernmental agencies, most cosmetics contain many toxic ingredients. Some commonly used petrochemicals cause cancer and can harm a fetus.

So buying the usual drug store formulas is a kin to ignorantly inviting destruction to the planet, your own body, and your children.

Take shampoos for example: Mainstream cosmetic companies use a global warming-linked petrochemical called ethylene oxide to manufacture their products. They combine ethylene with sodium lauryl sulfate to form a slightly softer-feeling sudsing agent called sodium laureth sulfate.

Unfortunately ,ethylene oxide causes cancer and breaks down into 1,4-dioxane (diethyleneoxide), which is a probable human carcinogen as well. This poses a real risk to children who frequently are bathed or shampooed in these contaminated formulas, not to mention what its use does to exacerbate the release of global warming-linked carbon emissions.

Many cosmetics also contain phthalates, petroleum-based fixatives used infragrance which are suspected of having feminizing and endocrine-disruptive effects on the reproductive organs of the male fetus. Parabens (petrochemical preservatives) have estrogenic effects as well. Very often products contain all three of these chemicals—1,4-dioxane, phthalates, and parabens—in the very same formula.

A few herbal extracts won’t make up for the fact that a company’s shampoo is a contributor to global warming processes and contains a cancer-causing chemical.

So here’s what you do:

Stop buying the chemical stuff, and go for the high quality eco-friendly cosmetic and personal care products.

The leader is Aubrey Organics, a member of the Green Patriot Green 100. Aubrey has completely sworn off petrochemicals. Other good brands include Avalon Organics, Aveda, Dr. Bronner, Dr. Hauschka, Lily, Logona, MyChelle, and Weleda.

These all have great lines that are virtually or completely petrochemical-free. Once you become aware of natural and organic hair and skin care, then you will have a full appreciation for the wonderful healing therapies of pure nature.

These cosmetics are not like the chemical drug store and department store brands; they are good for you and good for the environment, and they don’t contribute to global warming.

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