Most sustainable footwear brands

Most sustainable footwear brands

If you really want to speak up and be green from head to toe, stepping in the green shoes is the way to go. A considerable number of eco-responsible companies produce sustainable shoes made from renewable, recyclable, and recycled materials such as jute, organic cotton, latex, and cork.

Simple Shoes is a small business committed to making its shoes sustainable from its raw materials, including organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, and recycled car tires, to its manufacturing, Simple beliefs, “How we make our shoes is as important as why.

Simple’s Green Toes, ecoSNEAKS, and Green Piggies are fashionable shoe lines that reflect the environmental advantage of their maker. “It’s not only possible to reduce the ecological footprint left by shoes…it’s our duty to do so,” says Simple.

Nike also deserves kudos for stepping up to answer the call of duty, working for 14 years to eliminate a super greenhouse gas called sulfur hexafluoride, or SF6, from the cushioning air pockets on its famous Nike Air sneakers. In 1997, Nike Air footwear was responsible for emissions equal to that produced by one million cars. Although there was no law against using the harmful gas, Nike instructed its design team to find an alternative method to make the air pockets, finally creating the SF6 free Air Max 360.

Since the start of this program in 1993, they have donated sports surfaces to 150 schools, parks and recreation centers.

Recycling old materials, many from local sources, and turning them into shoes sets Terra Plana a step above its competitors. His Worn Again line, in ‘s collaboration with Anti Apathy, includes shoes made with recycled car seats, jeans, and prison blankets! Other lines are made with recycled Pakistani quilts, vegetable-tanned leather, and recycled rubber.

The well-known eco-conscious company, Patagonia, recently released more than 30 new shoe styles adhering to its principle of the “best product that causes the least damage.” Wearing these shoes made from recycled and natural materials from latex to hemp, you’ll appreciate the durability while being environmentally conscious as well.

Repurposing has reached new heights on eBay, where you can find over 100,000 new and used shoes for sale, usually at a great discount to store prices. Finding a few pairs to fit your feet should be a walk in the park.

Donating is another great choice.

Charmoneis an Italian company that creates “killer heels” with eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Taking it a step further, the company donates 5 percent of its profits to eco-organizations.

Veja works with small producers in Brazil to produce shoes with a social spirit and an eco-friendly way. Made with fair trade cotton, latex, rubber, and leather under sustainable conditions, Veja’s shoes feel good on your soles and in your soul.

Whatever green shoes you choose, you can feel good that you are avoiding the creation of greenhouse gas emissions each time you avoid buying a brand new pair of non-recycled shoes.

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