Benefits of recycled tires

Benefits of recycled tires

If you traded in your old gas-guzzling vehicle for a new hybrid you’re probably feeling pretty good about all the emissions you are no longer
contributing to global warming.

What about your tires, though? Do you know how much carbon dioxide is created in the production of a typical new tire? Did you know that you could help decrease the use of natural resources that strain
our environment by purchasing retreads instead of new tires?

Retreaded tires are recycled tires. They are not the same as used tires. Unlike used tires that are unsafe because they don’t have any tread, retreads have been refurbished to function like new tires, and they meet all the required safety standards.

Commercial transportation from airlines to trucking companies, and even school and city buses, routinely use retreaded tires. For these major outfits, it’s not so much a matter of environmental concern as it is a matter of cutting costs.

That’s right: Not only do retreaded tires use significantly less oil in production, they are also a lot less costly for consumers. In fact, because many tires, especially ones that were expensive when new, can be retreaded more than
once, there is the potential for even greater savings.

Speaking of savings, did we
mention that retreads cut down on oil usage as well? A medium-sized truck tire takes 22 gallons of oil to produce, while a retread takes only 7 to 8 gallons.

As oil is a big contributor to global warming, treading on retreads rather than new tires is one way you can significantly help conserve this valuable resource.

Retreading tires also keeps rubber out of our landfills and reduces the amount of new rubber needed to make tires. When a tire has worn out its retread-ability, it can be recycled into other materials. Although retreaded tires have been used commercially for many years, they are just recently becoming more available for public use.

By asking for retreaded tires, you can help make them a more popular and readily available option for other consumers.

You can find a worldwide listing of retread providers The site, provided by the Tire Retread Information Bureau, also has detailed information about how retreads are made and will most likely answer any other questions you may have about retreads.

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